«Elixir» Company is engaged in processing, production, scientific research, and sale of functional/immune foods and drinks, herbs, extracts and cosmetics.


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Elixir Ltd. is a manufacturer of innovative 100% natural products:

We choose nutrient-rich, best raw materials and select pollution-free organic herbs. All feedstock has high content of effective ingredients. Therefore, all products have high beneficial features for human health.


The year 2020 is the time of global changes. It is very important to respond as quickly as possible to the rapidly changing market. That is why, Elixir Ltd. recently developed new products that are especially relevant today and in the future, that awaits us all.


Elixir hopes that together we can help people overcome the difficult times.

Let nature fill our lives with health, wellness, bright thoughts, beauty and happiness.

Amber Unity (AU)

Amber Unity (AU) - our brend for products with natural extracts