«Elixir» Company is engaged in processing, production, scientific research, and sale of functional/immune foods and drinks, herbs, extracts and cosmetics.



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Amber cosmetics for therapy and relax procedures

Cosmetics with amber extract are different from all existing cosmetics with amber today. It contains amber extract, which includes all the useful elements of natural amber in nanoparticles.

All products contain a unique amber extract made from natural Baltic amber. This extract contains natural succinic acid. The health benefits of natural succinic acid form Baltic Amber are fascinating. You can read more about them in our article. In the article, you will find scientific proof of why natural succinic acid is so important for human health, how it influences all the processes in the human body

Besides the natural amber extract, all the products also contain extracts of different Russian herbs. All the herbs collect in ecologically clean places. Russia is a very big country with a huge territory. It has fields and forests that stand untouched. For thousands and thousands of kilometers there is now manufacturing companies or factories. Only true pure nature. In this nature, we collect herbs with very high beneficial features. From these herbs, we make extracts. The extracts go into Amber drinks, food, cosmetics.


Amber Tooth Paste

Amber tooth paste with the addition of natural Baltic amber and herb extracts.

Has no fluorine. Has no ingredients that may have side effects.

Natural Baltic amber has wonderful antibacterial effect, best for the health of your teeth. Amber tooth paste whitens teeth, heals mouth gum, gives fresh breath. Great for protection from caries and tooth decay.

Amber extract initiates the regeneration of the cells in the mouth – this helps your mouth gum stay health and gives toy a great smile.


Face spray

Product advantages:

  • Instantly moisturizes the skin
  • Quickly absorbs
  •  Increases the natural moisture barrier in the skin
  • Convenient spray packaging allows you to instantly refresh your skin in any situation — when traveling, at work, at home, on a walk
  • Protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment

Main ingredients

  • Natural succinic acid from Baltic Amber works with the cell. It gives the cell the energy to self-repair and to renew.
  • Amber extract softens skin, relieves irritation and soothes the skin, returns a fresh look
  • Vitamin E. An effective antioxidant that neutralizes the effects of free radicals before they harm healthy skin
  • Natural extracts of aloe and chamomile soothe and soften the skin



Moisturized skin in a few seconds.


Amber Face Mask

Human tissues naturally prone to self-repair, so they are intensively resynthesized. As a result of the death of old skin cells, new ones begin to appear in their place, which fill the damaged areas.

With bad ecology, stress, weakened immunity, infections, improper care of the skin and with age, this process slows down, the skin begins to lose its tone and renews slower. Reduces the metabolism in cells — they shrivel up, become smaller — this is how wrinkles are formed.

Of course, your skin needs additional help. But it is not enough to moisturize it. You have to work at the cell level.

Natural succinic acid from Baltic Amber works with the cell. It gives the cell the energy to self-repair and to renew.

Amber face mask is good to use 1-2 times a week. You put it on your face and let it dry. Then you wash it off. Regular use of this mask will:

  • give the cell a signal to self-repair and to renew
  • soothes the skin, return a fresh look
  • Whiten the skin

Amber face mask has 100% natural ingredients. All the components are a gift from nature to help your face stay young and beautiful.



Cambrian clay, natural honey, amber oil and amber extract


1. Cambrian Clay

Blue clay due to its mineral composition, has amazing healing properties. It contains mineral salts and elements that our body needs:

— more than 50% of silicon dioxide (it has a firming effect on the skin, participates in the process of stimulating the synthesis of its own collagen fibers in the skin, slows down the aging process);

— 19% aluminum (normalizes the pH of the skin).

— 15% of other elements: iron, calcium, magnesium oxides, and sulfur anhydride. These substances have a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Blue clay has a softening, toning, antibacterial, anti-cellulite and anti-stress effect, improves blood circulation and improves skin tone, which makes it smooth, elastic and helps to smooth out wrinkles.

The use of masks made of blue clay leads to regression of acne.

In addition, blue clay masks are used to care for the skin of hands and feet, hair and nails.


2. Honey for cosmetics

  • Makes the skin velvety and improves its color
  • Has a bleaching effect
  • Moisturizes the skin of the face
  • Eliminates age spots, acne, dermatitis and pimples, providing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, removes swelling, irritation and redness.
  • Honey has a tonic, restorative, moisturizing effect. Masks made of it have a rejuvenating, fortifying, nourishing effect. Try regular cleaning procedures based on honey, after a month you will not recognize your skin.
  • Honey can be considered a universal tool, as it is suitable for absolutely any skin type and can help get rid of a wide range of unpleasant problems. It will restore, improve and make your skin wopnerfull
  • Honey due to its viscous texture has a light peeling effect. The skin becomes smoother and more tender.