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Unique wellness products with natural extract from Baltic amber.

Amber water – a wellness drink from sparkling water with natural amber extract Amber honey – a series of high-quality organic honey enriched with amber extract Amber.

Since ancient times amber was known for its unique features that grant health and extend life. An elixir of life with amber is mentioned in many myths and folklore from all over the world. With the help of modern technology and knowledge gathered over the centuries an innovation was created. Russian scientists invented a method that allows to produce a natural extract from pure Baltic amber with a high content of natural succinic acid, micro and macro elements. «AMBER UNITY» – is a new trademark that was developed exclusively for products that contain natural amber extract produced by this innovative technology. AMBER UNITY products meet the highest standards and have received positive reviews from independent experts.

Enjoy our unique flavor, amazing taste and remarkable wellness features. Be happy and healthy!

About the company

AMBER UNITY products are produced by ELIXIR company — the exclusive owner of the natural amber extract recipe.

The company specializes in development and production of innovative high-quality natural products that have beneficial features for human health.

Each product is an exquisite combination of taste, color, aroma, and the last scientific discoveries in the field of improving the quality of life.

ELIXIR company is located in an ecologically clean place in the Gatchina district of the Leningrad region.

Attention to quality, health benefits and unique tastes was marked by various awards, diplomas and gold medals in many professional events, trade shows and exhibitions.

ELIXIR works hard to provide the most interesting offer with flexible prices and beneficial terms of cooperation.


Amber water – a wellness drink from sparkling water with natural amber extract


1. Water — specially selected artesian water from a depth of 40 meters.

2. Stevia extract – a natural sweetener from stevia herbs, normalizes the level of sugar in blood, helps control body weight

3. Lemon juice – lemon is one of the most useful of citrus fruits contains a large amount of vitamin C

4. Amber extract — with natural succinic acid, micro and macro elements

Amber mousse – high-quality organic honey from Russia enriched with amber extract

Honey is an ancient delicacy and a very healthy product. Combined with the natural amber extract amber honey mousse acquires additional curative power and a unique taste.

All AMBER UNITY honey mousse is a exceptional treat, which has no analogues in the world!

Honey, particularly in its raw form, offers unique health benefits. It contains vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements created by nature. Amber extract enriches it with natural succinic acid and a unique taste. Amber honey helps with colds, strengthens immunity, helps boost your energy, can treat wounds and improves the general condition.

Let ELIXIR give you energy, health and new taste sensations!

The use of amber

Amber is fossilized resin of relict plants that grew millions of years ago. After a cataclysm, which caused dramatic climate change, trees to save themselves, increased the production of resin with a high content of succinic acid.

yantar-2Succinic acid is a vital substance for human health. Every day our body itself produces 0.2 g. of succinic acid. But in negative situation such as stress, physical load, poor environment the consumption of succinic acid dramatically increases and the human body feels a great lack of it.

Adding a bit of natural succinic acid to our everyday meal will give health, strength, stimulate energy and metabolism, help the body fight a variety of diseases.

Succinic acid also reduces intoxication — it is a great anti-hangover remedy, with no side effects.

These benefits of amber have been known since ancient times. Manuscripts around the world mention drinks and elixirs based on amber, that giving health, beauty and long life.

For the Gods of Ancient Greece it was ambrosia, the Gods of Ancient India – Amrita, the Gods of Ancient Egypt drank the water of immortality. Clerics mummified the pharaohs with amber dust, alchemists of the middle ages invented an elixir of youth, Ancient Rome doctors treated many diseases with the help of amber, healers of the East and Central Asia had more than 1,000 wellness recipes with the use of amber.

Today the latest scientific discoveries proved that amber really has a lot of healthy substances.

AMBER UNITY products with natural amber extract is a synthesis of innovative technologies and healthy elements created millions of years ago by the energy of the ancient sun and nature itself.

AMBER UNITY – try the taste of eternity!

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