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From natural Baltic amber


If you feel tired, it means that you have an energy deficit. If you are ill you have even less energy, when you get older, you also begin to have less energy. The human body has to work out a lot of energy every day for normal work processes. All the cells need a big amount of energy to renew themselves and stay healthy. Under the influence of pathogenic factors, including stress, bad ecology, constant medication, bad habits – such as smoking the human body has to work out even more energy for its proper work. In addition, the body every day faces a huge amount of risk coming from different viruses and diseases. Therefore, the body needs even more energy to fight with all this in order to stay healthy.


Where does the body take this energy?


The cells of the human body are constantly working on the preparation of a substance that is the energy basis of their life activity. The name of this substance is adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – it is a universal source of energy for the life of all cells. In the human body, ATP is one of the most frequently updated substances. For example, the life span of one ATP molecule is less than 1 minute. During the day, one ATP molecule goes through an average of 2000-3000 cycles of synthesis. The human body synthesizes about 40 kg of ATP per day, each minute the human body contains about 250 grams of ATP. Therefore, there is almost no supply of ATP in the body and it is very important for the human body to constantly resynthesize new ATP molecules. Then it will have enough energy and will be healthy.


It is logical to ask why can we just take orally the substance ATP?


Unfortunately, if you eat ATP it does not work the same as the ATP that the body produces by itself. Like said above we need a very big amount of ATP – 40 kg a day. We cannot eat so much of it. Also it has to be correctly delivered to the cell. From our stomach, it will take a lot of time to be transported. Medicine with ATP has many side effects and works much differently than the ATP synthesized by the human body.


Therefore, the best solution is to help your body synthesize ATP by itself.

How does the human body synthesize ATP?


ATP is formed by a continuous chain of chemical reactions that occur in every cell of our body. This process is called the Krebs cycle. More than 100 element participate in this cycle. However, one of the most important elements in this cycle is succinic acid.



Succinic acid is one of the most important elements in the production of ATP. Succinic acid is the main element that has effect on energy exchange in the cell.

The Russian scientist M. N. Kondrashova — professor of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences for more than 50 years studied energy exchange in the cell. Her works scientifically proved that the energy volume of the ATP synthesis process during the oxidation of succinic acid is significantly higher than during the oxidation of any other substrate. This is why many energy consuming processes can only occur with the help of succinic acid.

The works of M. N. Kondrashova show that the human body begins to produce more succinic acid during intensive work, during recovery after exercise, in case of illness, diseases, poisonings, after taking alcohol or smoking, after stress — in all occasions when the need for rapid reproduction of ATP is especially high.

The human body produces succinic acid by itself. Succinic acid produced in the human body immediately burns to help produce ATP. This process takes place every minute, every day, all our life.

Outside of the cell there is almost no succinic acid in the blood flow. It is found outside the mitochondria during a complete lack of oxygen or in deep hypoxia in some part of the tissue. When the body’s receptor control systems evaluates the appearance of succinic acid in the bloodstream it understands it as a signal that there is oxygen starvation in some area. In response this activates a mechanism that provides a multiple increase in the synthesis of ATP.

Therefore, by taking natural succinic acid we actually help our body synthesize more ATP. When we eat and drink products with natural succinic acid — we give our organism the signal to make ATP.

Since natural succinic acid is the same as the succinic acid produced by our body, it has a powerful effect, without causing side effects and addiction.

For the first time succinic acid was obtained in XVII century from natural amber. That is why it is called succinic acid – the name derives from the Latin word “succinum”, meaning amber.

New Russian technologies of extraction (electro pulse plasma-dynamic extraction) made it possible to produce a natural extract from natural Baltic amber with high concentration of natural succinic acid.


Natural succinic acid from Baltic amber:

1. Stimulates energy production in cells like the succinic acid produced by the human body

2. Strengthens cellular respiration, promotes the absorption of oxygen by cells.

3. Neutralizes free radicals. It has a powerful antioxidant property.


In general, the impact of succinic acid on the body is huge:

— significantly improves the functioning of most organs: the brain, heart (improves its nutrition and strength), kidneys (dissolves stones), liver, etc.

— prevents the appearance of tumors and inhibits the growth of existing ones

— strengthens immunity

— stimulates the production of insulin and thereby reduces blood sugar, which is very important for longevity

— normalizes the nerve system

— counteracts stress

— increases the effect of other medications, so the use of it with other health-improving drugs will allow you to get a more pronounced effect

— inhibits inflammatory processes (normalizes the content of histamine and serotonin)

— neutralizes a large number of poisons (smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.)

— increases microcirculation in organs and tissues

— activates a number of important enzymes

— the ability of succinic acid to revive and restore the skin allows you to actively use it in cosmetology (masks, cream, sprays with succinic aid give great beauty results)

— the positive effect of using succinic acid for weight loss is primarily due to the ability of the substance to clear the body of accumulated toxins, activate the function of the digestive system and remove water from the body.

Due to these effects, succinic acid significantly prolongs life, protects against many diseases, and even cures some. All this has been proven in numerous experiments. (Succinic acid increases the survival rate of animals when they are exposed to many even fatal, factors).

In the course of evolution, nature has tried a variety of compounds for their usefulness to the body, and eventually settled on succinic acid. Even today, any organism under adverse conditions noticeably increases the production of succinic acid, which allows it to successfully resist the harmful effects of the environment.

In short, succinic acid is really a great thing, and the leading Russian scientists V. N. Anisimov and M. V. Solovyov in the book “The Evolution of concepts in gerontology” among just a few tools that seriously contribute to prolonging life, mention first succinic acid. They say — “If you want to slow down aging, it is possible to increase the limits of human life with the help of succinic acid.”

Natural succinic acid from Baltic amber is a real gift for us. It is a natural substance – just like the succinic acid produced by our body. When taken orally, it is not addictive and does not cause any side effects.

The convenience of using natural succinic acid from Baltic amber lies in the fact that its effective dosage can be selected according to the state of health. You can drink more or less and not be afraid that it is too much. Extra elements the body will just not take and will bring out with no difficulty. Succinic acid is non-toxic, stable, harmless to the human body. In addition, what is wonderful — is that it gives a positive effect even at small doses. Succinic acid does not spur the body, does not exhaust it, as energy supplements, but, on the contrary, provides normal, harmonious work of organs and systems.



Natural succinic acid from Baltic amber influences the production of ATP – that influences all the processes in the human body. This is why when taken orally succinic acid even in small doses helps the human body in many different ways.


Protection against viruses

Successful tests of succinic acid in the treatment of pneumonia and bronchial asthma have suggested that its use will be effective in the treatment of respiratory viral infections. It is no secret that the most common diseases are colds of a viral nature. There is not that many effective antiviral drugs so it is very important to find means that could ease the course of acute respiratory diseases and prevent the development of complications. It is recommended to use succinic acid for the prevention of viral diseases.


Improves the immune system

Succinic acid improves the immune system, strengthens the immune system, which in turn reduces the risk of getting a cold or flu and reduces the likelihood of infection with viral diseases. Succinic acid helps the body in the adaptation process.

For women succinic acid helps easily overcome the recovery of hormones during pregnancy and gives energy to support the immune system, and in the postpartum period — the ability to recover faster.

Dealing with stress

Some experts claim that up to 90% of all diseases are “stress-dependent”/ “stress-related”.

In a stressful situation, the human body produces two hormones: norepinephrine and epinephrine. Crucial in triggering a stress response is adrenaline, which is sometimes called the «stress hormone». When there is a significant release of adrenaline into the blood, a number of significant changes occur in the body. First of all, the number of heartbeats increases, blood pressure increases, and blood glucose increases. All these shifts prepare the body to perform high-intensity work.

Succinic acid comes to help a person who is in stress and has an excessive load on the nerve system. Taking succinic acid improves blood supply, strengthens the nerve system. A person becomes calmer the adaptive abilities of the body increase. It does not affect a person’s feelings, but only strengthens their defenses, helping them survive difficult stressful situations with “less losses”.



Succinic acid will always help a woman to start preparing for her future position. The use of food with succinic acid by future parents not only provides them with good health and a joyful sense of life, but also lays the foundation for the health of their future child. Succinic acid is non-toxic, harmless to the human body and during pregnancy, it will add strength and helps cope with toxemia, will reduce fatigue.


Liver protection

The liver plays a huge role in the blood supply system, digestion, in the complex life support system of the body. First of all, the liver is a blood filter. The liver constantly has a huge load and the person always makes it worse.


Many factors have a destructive effect on the liver:

— Alcoholic beverages

— Artificial compounds in food: preservatives, antioxidants

— Medicines: in whatever form them or to take (pills, suppositories, IV fluids), they enter the blood and originate in the liver

— Chemical compounds in the air


Can you imagine what work the liver must do to neutralize so many poisons? There is only one way to prevent the entry of toxic substances into the blood – stop interacting with them. This, alas, is unrealistic. Then we can only help the liver, maintain it in a properly functioning state, periodically stimulating the activity of its cells. Succinic acid helps do that.

People have long known folk remedies, medicinal plants that can favorably affect the work of the liver. Of particular importance are substances–adaptogens that enhance internal protective resources. Succinic acid is one of these substances-biostimulants. The anti-inflammatory effect of succinic acid has been observed in hepatitis and even cirrhosis of the liver.

In addition, succinic acid reduces the syndrome of abstinence, more familiar under the name of hangover. Succinic acid accelerates the process of “burning» alcohol in the body, and quickly removes the hangover syndrome.

A good recommendation is to drink natural amber succinic acid before drinking alcohol — then the body will prepare ahead and will not get such a big stress. It can help stay sober.

For example, Soviet secret agents used a special powder with succinic acid – they drank it before and during different parties where they had to find out important information, drink alcohol but not get drunk.


Succinic acid against diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disease. You can describe the symptoms of diabetes as much as you want and try to understand which organ does not work and why. However, the explanation is only possible «at the cellular level».

In insulin-dependent diabetes, increased blood sugar (hyperglycemia) accompanies a number of other disorders that can lead to severe damage to the cardiovascular system. Therefore, the main principle in the treatment of diabetes is to normalize carbohydrate metabolism in order to prevent an increase in blood glucose levels above the permissible level. Recent studies have shown that succinic acid stimulates the body to produce its own insulin, and its regulatory activity increases the body’s resistance and ensures its desire to normalize metabolism.


The protection of the kidneys

In order for the kidneys to work properly, you need to help them get rid of accumulated insoluble compounds. To do this, use methods of cleansing the kidneys. In addition, it helps to stimulate internal

resources, improve the work of cells, and exchange processes. Succinic acid can be successfully used to affect the kidneys at the cellular level. Anti-inflammatory effect of amber acid has been observed in pyelonephritis. In addition, amber helps with urolithiasis, increasing the release of salts and dissolving stones. In addition to tonic and health-improving effects, succinic acid has a pronounced therapeutic effect.

Moreover, by activating the body’s defenses, succinic acid enhances the effect of other medications. In some cases, the dose of medications can be reduced if you take them in combination with succinic acid.



Natural succinic acid from Baltic amber influences all the processes in the human body. Is has a wide range of actions, thanks to which it has a beneficial effect on the work of all body systems and internal organs.

Natural succinic acid from Baltic amber helps in:

— Nervous disorders, depression, severe stress, anxiety

— Working with devices that emit an electromagnetic field-to neutralize the harmful effects of waves of a dangerous range

— Weakness, emotional overstrain, increased fatigue

— Disorders of the stomach, intestines — helps normalize the microflora

— Diseases of the respiratory system (asthma, bronchitis) – helps remove mucus from the bronchi and relieve swelling

— As an auxiliary tool for vein diseases — to normalize blood flow, strengthen the walls of blood vessels

— Work that requires a strong mental effort – to speed up thought processes, reaction, intelligence

— When planning pregnancy – to stimulate the reproductive function

— Taking antibiotics-to reduce the likelihood of side effects from the drug

— Increased physical activity, cardio training to speed up the metabolism, recharge energy

— Edema, inflammation — to fight pathogens, remove excess water from the body, relieve fever

— Diets — to restore water-salt balance, accelerate the process of fat burning, compensate for the lack of minerals in a limited diet

— Hypodynamia-to eliminate signs of oxygen deficiency in the body (increased fatigue, tinnitus, headache)

— Endocrine diseases — to reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood, normalize the activity of the thyroid gland

— Toxicosis during pregnancy — to prevent dehydration, compensate for the lack of antioxidants, better absorption of nutrients

— Alcohol intoxication — to normalize blood pressure, remove toxic products of ethyl decomposition, maintain water-salt balance

— Cosmetology — for skin rejuvenation, activation of metabolic processes, restoration of hair structure

— Heart disease – for the better supply of the coronary vessels.

Best of all it is to drink, eat and use cosmetics with natural succinic acid from Baltic amber before you are sick or ill. This will prevent many problems. If you are healthy, you do not have to spend money on medicine. Products with natural succinic acid from Baltic amber can help your body stay healthy, be full of energy and live a long and wonderful life.