«Elixir» Company is engaged in processing, production, scientific research, and sale of functional/immune foods and drinks, herbs, extracts and cosmetics.




For the creation of Amber products, «Elixir» Company applied to Russian scientists for help. Big scientific research led to innovative formulas. New extraction methods showed amazing results.

Electro pulse plasma-dynamic extraction is an innovative technology of making extracts.

An electric discharge of high power — 38,000 volts – (like a lightning) passes between the electrodes in the extractive mixture with the plant mixture. A high-power discharge takes place in the zone of action. Powerful effects pass together at the same time — electrodynamic, ultrasonic, acoustic, hydro-cavitation. Under their influence, the cytoplasmic membranes of plant and amber cells are destroyed. Through the destruction of the membrane, the contents of plant cells — the cytoplasm, enters the extractive mixture and dissolves in it. Such a plasma discharge effect on plant cells makes it possible to extract up to 40% more active elements than with classical extraction methods.

These methods allows the Company to evaluate the stability of products over the entire shelf life. In addition, they prevent the delamination of cosmetic products and liquids during transportation and storage at low (in winter) or high (in summer) temperatures.

These methods of production indicate that the manufactured products — specialized food/drinks and cosmetics that satisfy the physiological needs of the human body in nutrients, energy and beauty effects on the skin and perform preventive and therapeutic tasks.